Viral Video: Man Uses Scorching Sun To Cook Egg In Bengal

A lot of places in the country are super hot right now. They say it’s the hottest it’s ever been. They’re even saying that some states will have really, really hot days soon. It’s summer and it’s really, really hot. We all feel the strong heat.

Sometimes we joke that the sun is so hot it could cook us. Well, a man in Bengal got an idea from that joke. He decided to cook an egg using the heat from the sun on his balcony! He made a video of it, and lots of people watched it.

In the video, you see the sun shining super bright in the sky. It looks very, very hot, even more than 40 degrees Celsius.

The man puts a frying pan in the sun to get really hot. Then he cracks an egg onto the pan and tries to cook it with the sun. The egg starts to cook! He uses a spatula to flip the egg and it turns into fried egg.

You can watch the whole video below.

Also, there’s a story about a street food seller people are calling “Willy Wonka.” You can read about it to find out why.

You probably noticed that the man liked how the sun-cooked egg tasted. Lots of people watched the video, about 1.7 million so far! They also left about 1.4 thousand comments. Many people on Facebook were really surprised by the video.

Some told the man to be careful and not stay out in the sun too long. Some were surprised that the egg cooked without using oil. One person even joked, “Hey, next time make a chicken curry!”

What did you think about the video? Would you want to try cooking like that? Let us know in the comments.

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